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  • Cod


    The Barents Sea cod has been the lifeblood of Norwegian seafood exports for over 1000 years. Nordic Group sources cod from smaller-scale vessels, using jigs, hand-baited longlines, danish seine and gill nets. The Barents Sea cod is internationally regarded as one of the most well-managed groundfish stocks in the world, and the stock is today in the best shape it has been since world war 2. To further support its sustainability credentials, the fishery is now in the final stage of MSC certification. Download the product sheet (pdf) for further details and specifications.


  • Haddock


    Haddock is offered year-round, with a large portion of it being caught with floating longlines in the northernmost region of Norway. The coastal fishery, which delivers almost all of the fresh haddock, is in the final stage of MSC certification. Haddock is a good source of protein and also contains vitamin B12, pyridoxine and selenium. Download the product sheet (pdf) for further details and specifications.

  • Saithe


    By many regarded as "the fish-lover's fish", saithe offers very high quality at an exceptional value. Saithe is available year-round, with the highest volumes typically concentrated between May and October. The fishery is MSC-certified as a sustainable fishery. Download the product sheet (pdf) for further details and specifications.

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  • White Halibut

    White Halibut

    White Halibut found on both sides of the North Atlantic, as well along the coast of Norway. Halibut is a large flat fish with small head and small tail. It has white underside and dark upper side, and can change color according to the surroundings. Young white halibuts live in shallower water along the coast, while older and larger halibuts are located at depths between 300 and 2000 meters.

    Size is up to 3 meters and 300 kg, and longevity for females can become 50 years old, male 30 years.

    pdfWhite Halibut

  • Black halibut

    Black halibut

    Also called Greenland halibut, black halibut is caught along the continental shelf of Norway. Black halibut is an excellent source of omega-3 and vitamin D. Download the product sheet (pdf) for further details and specifications.

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