Quality, Sustainability & Tracability




Fjord Fresh® is Nordic Groups quality brand. 
Norwegian cod deserves to arrive in perfect condition, and only the best cod deserve to be branded as "Fjord Fresh".
The highest standards are set for all the "Fjord Fresh" products from HG live stored cod to high quality fillets and loins.
Production reach the highest standards of The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and the Norwegian seafood council quality approved standards. 



Only high quality Norwegian cod catch is labelled with the SKREI® branding, having to meet stringent quality standards.
The majority of this delicious fish are caught with long-lines from small 10-15m vessels and packed within 12 hours to ensure optimum quality and freshness.
What’s more, Skrei is MSC certified and therefore 100% sustainable, with a unique and heart-warming provenance story.
The Norwegians pride themselves on the quality of their produce and the annual Skrei migration is no exception.
Fishing is a way of life for Norwegians and each year, this annual phenomenon is met with great excitement and celebration. Skrei is such a revered product it has its own special grading standard.
Hundreds of millions of Norwegian cod migrate each year back to its spawning ground of Lofoten, yet only a small percentage of all landed cod will be branded with the special SKREI® tag, which acts almost like a seal of approval or quality assurance, on its dorsal fin.


quality approved

Quality approved Norwegian Cod is produced under stringent quality standards, set by The Norwegian seafood Council.



MSC Chain of Custody CoC-sertification.

Fisheries in the Norwegian economic zone:

  • Saithe
  • Cod
  • Haddock

Norwegian Coastal fisheries:

  • Saithe
  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Mackerel
  • Herring


Fjord fresh boks

We have full traceability on all seafood products.
Based on information on the label and internal tracking system in Nordic Group and our suppliers,
we know at all times where the different seafood products come from.