Nordic Group AL was established in 1967 in Trondheim, Norway as a cooperative for export of frozen fish products by leading producers of whitefish fillets located along the coast of Northern Norway.

Under the management of Oddleiv Korsnes the company gained an export license to the USA market in 1968, which immediately became the main market for fillet blocks and new products for the catering market. Oddleiv Korsnes had been active in the distribution and export of fish products from many of the same producers through his own company since 1935 and he brought the expertise and knowledge to make Nordic Group a success from the start.

In 1972 a subsidiary was established in Boston, USA. This company, Nordic Group Inc., was long central to the distribution network for frozen fillet products from Norway. The company has during the last 10 years expanded greatly by building a global sourcing network to better supply customers in the US market with Whitefish, Lakefish and Salmon.

In 1996 the company was changed to a private stock company as Nordic Group AS. With more capital and additional production available from new shareholders a period of strong growth began. The focus shifted to products for catering and retail trade with new customers in the British and French markets. In the US, the increased sales of IQF products for food service helped the expansion there.

Over time new technology and improved logistics made the production and sales of fresh fillet products more profitable for the industry and in 2004 Nordic Group started selling fresh fish products. The production of frozen fillets had declined rapidly and since then the export of fresh fish and fillet products has become the main activity along with the continued export of frozen fillet blocks. This development was greatly helped by the takeover of two other fresh fish companies in Trondheim in 2009 and 2012 that brought a new dimension to the sales of fresh fish at Nordic Group.

In 2014 Nordic Group acquired ownership in Båtsfjordbruket AS in Finnmark, the main supplier of frozen and fresh fillet products to Nordic Group for over 30 years. This has strengthened the supply base with additional volume of fresh fish, new value added frozen products and King Crab.

During the last two years Nordic Group has helped pioneer the sales of Live Stored Cod and brought greater continuity of supply to its customers of Fresh Cod for many months after the winter season has ended.

Nordic Group AS is a vibrant growing company with long traditions in serving the producers along the coast of Norway and with an extensive network of satisfied customers worldwide.